Sable – Day One

Okay, typepad and I are going to brawl….  I have now composed two posts and it has eaten them both.  So, please accept these few photos now and tonight I will have a full post and more photos when I get home from work.

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So, sometimes it takes some good solid inspiration to get me moving and posting on this blog.  I got it tonight.  I have thought a thousand times over the last few months that I needed to get off my big bahookey (Corrina, you want to spell check me on that word) and post.  In fact, I even imagined blog titles, “How I spent my summer vacation,” for example.  I promise I will get everyone caught up…  You can hear about the demise of the job that sent me to HELL Myrtle Beach, the VERY short lived Chili’s job and if you are nice, I might even tell of the Dingo’s and my security job at the boat show.  However, tonight, I live only to share with you a lovely video.  For those of you who have been to Don Juan’s restaurant, you will definitely see the inspiration.  For those of you who haven’t, well, you must go now.  For Jen (my favorite accordion owning midnight knitter), I owe you dinner at Don Juan’s.  We really need to steal you on a mariachi night to make it complete though.  So please, watch the video and enjoy.  Stay tuned and I will try to get everyone caught up on my adventures!

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Chris thought my blog needed a post apparently…

So it seems as though Chris aka SugarBee Studios wasn’t happy about the cobwebs growing on my blog.  So, she tagged me.  Oh wait, you don’t know what that means yet…  I’ll tell you.
Firstly, here are the rules:
1. Link to your tagger and post these rules on your blog
2. Share seven facts about yourself on your blog, some random, some weird
3. Tag seven people at the end of your post by leaving their names as well as links to their blogs
4. Let them know they are tagged by leaving a comment on their blog.
So….. random, weird facts…  dude, I am random and weird so this is kind of tricksy.  How do I decipher what is random and weird enough to post??  Ummm…
1)When I get too hot, I turn red and my fingers and toes begin swelling up.
2)Some obsessive-compulsive people count, I spell.
3)I have a horse, Gus, who lives in my backyard.
4)I don’t love chocolate.  I kind of like it sometimes- mostly when it is molded around a strawberry!
5)Apparently this one is really weird, so be prepared.  I don’t eat chicken (or eggs).  I do, however, eat beef, pork, etc. which seems to be what makes this so freakish.
6)If something bizarre is going to happen, it will happen to me.  I will also be able to relay it back to all of you in side splitting fashion 🙂
7)I always leave the house prepared for everything.  In the truck there are: work gloves, tie down straps, bungee cords, tow rope, packing tape, tape measure, a couple of different weight jackets, a few bandaids, an extra tshirt, spare pair of flip flops, etc.  In my purse there are: eyedrops, spare contacts, contact solution and a case, eyeglasses, calculator, pen, sunglasses, two different chapsticks, lip gloss, concealer, cell phone, etc.
I would like to point out that this exercise illustrates the fact that we all need to find some new knitters before we do this again or we need to encourage certain people to start blogging (Misha, Dana, Jane, etc.)  The only two people (I think) that are left for me to tag are Jennifer and Melody.

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Thanksgiving Buffet!

Okay, so Thanksgiving Buffet really refers more to the content of this post than to how I ate today.  I was actually fairly tame…  One large plate of Thanksgiving food and two slices of dessert.  I do have plenty of unrelated news for the blog though, thus the “buffet” title.
First and very important in blog news…  For those of you who have been following the saga of the cursed square.  It is DONE!!!  DONE DONE DONE!!!!  As in cast off the needles done.  Can you tell I am freaking excited????
Next news on the buffet-  Baby Lily wore the sweater and hat that I knit for her today at Thanksgiving dinner.  I am sure she was trying to figure out why we had her all bundled up– poor baby.  As you can see from the photo, she wasn’t totally entertained by modeling her outfit.  However, those photos are testament to the fact that I finished TWO knitting projects.  As Van Wilder would say, “write that down.”


Continuing on, if anyone knows someone who actually finishes at least fifty percent of their projects, can I meet them??  I am hoping it might rub off.  I am currently working on the Big Easy Sweater that I started the January I began knitting (that means that bad boy has been on the needles very nearly two years).  Needless to say, my gauge has changed so much (yes, I checked my gauge– write that down) that I had to frog what was done and begin again.  I am also working on the fish blanket for Miss Lily.  I mean, she isn’t old enough to appreciate it yet anyway, is she?  Then I have all the usual suspects still on needles.  Until next time!!  Cheers and Happy Holidays!

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We interrupt your regularly scheduled programming…

I know, it’s a knitting blog…  Today however, we must speak of other things!  Today I have a photo of my first niece who was born on October 12.  You guys must know what this means (gratuitous knitting mention coming), I must finish the fish!!!!  Anyone who wants to have a “fish fry” with me, let me know.  Seriously though, I am not going to say another word.  I will just let this photo speak for itself.  This is Lily Michele at 4 days old with her daddy Michael.


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Sometimes you just need a little perspective…

You know, sometimes you just need a little perspective…  On the other hand, there are times when I suspect that perspective just won’t help.  As discussed in the two previous posts, I am spending six weeks in Myrtle Beach for work.  The two major drawbacks to this are??  Yep, you guessed it, Baxter (the big red dog) couldn’t be granted hotel accomodations and had to stay in Florida and I had to take a hiatus from Knitwitz (my favorite LYS in the world!!).  So, what is a resourceful, internet-savvy knitter to do?  Find a local yarn shop in the area she is staying of course!  Melody warned me that the area I was headed into was a “knitting wasteland”, but I persevered in my hunt for a shop.  I finally found one online that looked promising.  It had a few good reviews from other knitters, etc.  So, that was that.  I arrived in Myrtle Beach and went hunting for this shop the first full day I was here.  Honest to God, I drove for two hours.  When I called for directions, they were so convoluted that I flat out gave up and headed back to the hotel.  A few days later, I found myself with a few free hours and decided to take another shot at it.  So, I mapquested the beach that the shop owner had referenced and off I went.  After forty-five minutes of driving, I finally found it.  I parked the truck and stared, fearing the yarn shop in front of me might be a mirage.  When the yarn shop mirage didn’t start shimmering and looking like it might disappear, I grabbed my purse and headed for the door.  I mean really…  Yarn, in another state????  As soon as I walked in, the shop owner greeted me.  Score a point for her for being friendly.  Note this, this may be the last point she earned.  I stroll the shop and unbelievably enough, don’t really find too much.  I am however, transfixed by one ball of yarn.  I keep walking back to it, touching it, holding it…  If you have seen me in a yarn shop before, you know that once I hold the yarn, it usually makes it’s way home with me.  So, I decide that I will be taking this last lonely skein of MissBabs Superwash Sock Yarn in the Southwest Dusk colorway home with me.  As I am busy making friends with that skein, another skein catches my attention.  Little did I know that it was going to be the sacrificial lamb of my trip.  So, I picked up the Misty Mountain Farm Jubilee in the Berry colorway and decided to take both home with me.  Now, here is where the story takes an interesting turn.  By the time I have selected my two yarns and two cute notepads, my purchase is going to be over fifty dollars.  I can see a ball winder and swift, so….  I very nicely ask the owner if I can pay her for use of her ball winder for a skein I forgot to ball before I left home.  She sighed heavily and mumbled that she supposed she could do that.  Honest to God, I should have paid and left then.  Really, truly, I should have known.  If her response wasn’t a clue, then the ball winder and swift situation should have been.  They were attached to the same stool.  Nope, I can’t make these stories up.  They were actually less than eight inches apart on opposite sides of the same little wooden round stool.  I could NOT wait to see how this worked.  Again, what the hell was I thinking?  I went out to the truck to get the skein of– hold your breath on this one– Sea Wool I had with me.  When I got back inside, the skein of Misty Mountain, which from here on out shall be known as the sacrificial lamb or S.L. for short, was on the swift.  The shop owner attached it to the ball winder and began turning the handle.  Let me just say, “Let the games begin!”  If you can’t imagine how a ball winder and swift work when they are that close together, let me just tell you, they DON’T!!  Basically what happens is, you turn the handle of the ball winder and as the swift starts to move, it snags the ball winder.  Then the little arm that holds the yarn that is feeding into the ball winder catches some yarn on the swift and pulls it free.  At this point, if you are the shop owner in question, you stop turning the handle, begin cursing, untangle the yarn and begin again.  Evantually, you get tired of this, so you pull large amounts of the customer’s yarn off the swift and toss it on the floor.  The better to wind it from the floor, I guess??  Now, if you are faint of heart, you should probably stop here…  This is where we learn how the S.L. received it’s name.  When it became apparent that the ball winding was going to take some time (after fifteen minutes or so on the first ball), I walked out to the truck and retrieved some knitting.  I begin knitting and leave the shop owner to her interesting technique of ball winding.  Yep, at this point I was still calm– annoyed, but calm.  The winder became unwieldy and she said, “I think the winder is full.”  I didn’t even react.  I mean honestly, it was a 400 yard skein of sock/fingering weight yarn.  The winder wasn’t full, I knew that.  I own the SAME DAMN WINDER!!!  Right after she said the winder was full, I see a ball of yarn sitting in front of me…  Well if there was yarn in front of me, what was she winding??????  That’s right, you guessed it!!!!  She was winding the remainder of my skein of yarn.  Uh huh, she CUT IT!!!!  It’s freaking sock yarn.  She did not cut it in the middle.  She cut it three-quarters of the way through.  Who in their right mind wants to join yarn in socks?  I would feel like the Princess and the Pea.  I would ALWAYS feel that join.  After assessing myself for symptoms of stroke or heart attack, I very nicely asked if she would like me to ball my other two skeins.  Picture the scene had my Fleece Artist sock yarn been cut….  I would probably be composing this from my cell.  I asked if it would be alright to move the ball winder.  She says, “sure, move it anywhere.”  I move the winder to a countertop and leave the swift attached to the stool.  I start winding the skein of MissBabs.  As I am winding, one of the shop’s regular customers comes in, looks at me, looks at the shop owner and says (honestly this is a direct quote, again, I can’t make these things up) “I thought you didn’t believe in balling yarn.”  I just continued balling as the shop owner says, “oh I don’t, but she really wanted it balled.”  Who knits with unballed skeins?  Do these people exist?  I just keep balling yarn.  Another regular customer walks in, sees me with the ball winder contentedly balling my yarn and says, “why do you have the ball winder attached to something else, it looks like it is giving you trouble.”  I told her it was easier for me and kept winding.  I finally get both skeins wound into balls and ask if I can pay for my purchases.  As the shop owner is ringing me up, I go to put the ball winder back on the stool.  She tells me not to worry about it.  I start to move the stool back to where I found it and she tells me to leave that also.  At this point, I decide to cut my losses (no pun intended) and HAUL ASS out of there!  I swear to you, I got one foot out the door and that same PITA customer says, “I hope you are going to put that ball winder and swift away for Diane.”  I turned around and snapped, “I offered and she said no thank you,” and literally bolted for the truck.  Seriously, I was afraid they might be contagious.
Now, all I want is some perspective….  Is it wrong to cut someone’s yarn or am I a total drama queen?  Okay, I know I am a total drama queen, but still…  Is it wrong to cut my yarn (did I mention this wasn’t cheap sock yarn)?

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Please Hold Your Applause!!!

Okay everyone!!!  I have arrived safe and sound in Myrtle Beach!  So now, the answer that everyone has been waiting on…  What projects traveled to Myrtle Beach with me?  Firstly, anyone that knows me should have realized there was no way in the devil’s house that only five projects would go with me.  I was just looking for a consensus of opinion but was well prepared to take more than five.  How well prepared was I??  Well I am so glad you asked!  I don’t really think words can describe what I brought so instead I shall provide a photo.


Yes folks, that is an entire rubbermaid of yarn….  And those are bags of yarn….  And bags of books with patterns in them…  And as the icing on the cake, my spinning wheel  🙂

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Ok, here’s your chance…

Okay, here is everyone’s chance to influence my decision on what works in progress get to make the trip to Myrtle Beach with me!!!!!  I am going to list my works in progress and you guys can vote on which items go!!  I think everyone should get to pick their top five.  Just leave a comment to this post with which five you think should make the voyage.
Okay, here goes….  Buckle your seat belts, the list is long.  If you don’t remember or have never seen a one of these “w’s ip”, let me know.  I will do my best to offer information or photographic evidence of said project.
Works in Progress (title in red type for Corrina)
•    Slip N Slide- Malabrigo and Handpainted Yarn
•    Baby Sweater-Lorna’s Sport Tuscany (finished)
•    Manos Sweater- Super Birthday Sweater (considering frogging for brioche raglan in latest Interweave Knits
•    Broadripple socks in Fixations
•    Alpaca Scarf in Chunky Baby Alpaca
•    Cabled Scarf- ropes and ladders- Peace Fleece Baghdad Blue
•    Wallaby- Lamb’s Pride Superwash Worsted
•    Lady Eleanor- Malabrigo
•    Bias Shawl in Silk Rumple
•    Column of Leaves Shawl in Lorna’s Bucks Bar
•    Cozy- Berroco Jenny
•    Klaralund- Silk Garden
•    Artyarns Hat
•    Groovy Socks in Lorna’s Flamingo
•    Summer Shawlette in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light
•    Blanket Square
•    Toshiko Tote
•    Lotorp- Big Kureyon
•    Big Easy Sweater
•    Cabled Sampler Bag- Lamb’s Pride
•    Jitterbug Socks
•    Sea Silk Lace Nightie
•    Ruffled Checkered Scarf- Cascade 220
•    Pink and Brown Ballband Dishcloth
•    Lounging Socks- Universal Classic Worsted Tapestry
•    Coachella- Zodiac
•    “Porcupine Bag” Lamb’s Pride and Wool in the Woods
•    Baby Fish Blanket- Lorna’s Sport Worsted
•    June Dishcloth- “Play Ball”
•    Tofutsies Slipped Stitch Sock
For those keeping track, that is 30 projects on needles….  And yes, they are all on needles not stitch holders  🙂  So, let’s get the votes going!!!!!!  What in the world do I take??

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All tumbleweeds and crickets shall be banished!!!

So, Missy came to visit my blog the other day and funny girl that she is, decided to let me know that the tumbleweeds and crickets were taking over.  (see picture at left)  I was, quite obviously, concerned and so I raced over here to investigate the situation.  As it turns out, Missy was right.  Honestly, with Baxter as my witness, I left the Dingo in charge of the blog.  I told her where she could find the camera to photograph finished projects.  I told her where the cord was to connect it to the computer.  I even told her that she could use my computer if she didn’t want to run her laptop battery down.  As it turns out, the Dingo was on a special assignment (so special that she cannot divulge the details) and let me down on the blog upkeep.  So, I solemnly promise not to leave a dingo in charge of the blog again.  Be warned!  I have *gasp* finished a few things since I last posted.  Pictures will be coming VERY shortly (as soon as I get the camera back from the Dingo, apparently it is part of her special assignment).  Also, I have prepared my list of works in progress.  Bring your snacks because it is a looooong list!

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I took the plunge!

So, I took the plunge yesterday and ordered my own spinning wheel.  After all, it was Spinning Saturday at my LYS and those of you who know me know that when I go overboard, I REALLY go overboard.  So, what better way to celebrate Spinning Saturday than to order a wheel.  Seriously though, the plan to order has been in the works for a while.  I just used yesterday to narrow down my choices.  Final decision??  The Majacraft Little Gem which can be seen here    My beautiful wheel should arrive sometime in the next two to three weeks and I cannot wait for it to get here!  THINK OF ALL THE BEAUTIFUL YARN I CAN MAKE!!!!!!!

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