It’s three a.m., I must be lonely…

Love love love that Matchbox 20 song!  What I don’t love is being awake at three a.m.  So, I went to bed last night around one thirty.  At two thirty, I was still lying there wide awake.  I thought maybe hard labor would wear me out and I would sleep, but no such luck.  I disassembled the dog’s crate, I cleaned even more out of my room, I packed the items I needed to ship.  I was still WIDE awake! 
So, I didn’t want to walk downstairs where my current knitting project was hanging out.  I thought the hike downstairs would wake me up even more.  So, I started looking through all the neatly organized cubes for something I could knit on.  I found something I really wanted to work on– The Summer Shawlette from Knitting Daily.  I haven’t worked on that bad boy in at least a year and it is gorgeous.  So, I got it out and immediately knew exactly where I was.  I ALMOST started knitting on it and then I spread it out and looked at it…  A few rows back, I had totally jacked up the pattern.  So, when faced with this at three a.m. most people would set the knitting down.  Oh no, I figured I could just tink back a few rows.  That was just silly and it turned out I didn’t have the patience for that.  So, then I decided I could just pull the needles out and go back a few rows.  Ummm, wrong again.  So then I figured I would just go back to the collar.  That way I wouldn’t have to redo the provisional cast on (which I didn’t think I knew how to do).  If anyone wants to guess how that went  🙂  So, at four forty five a.m., I realized that with directions I can do a provisional cast on.  Well, it appears I can.  I haven’t knit the entire forty rows that I have to knit before I can “unzip” the cast on yet.  So, we will see if it is successful soon.

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  1. I love Matchbox 20 too! Rob Thomas was actually in the same high school as my brother but then dropped out. I’ve never asked my brother about it but I don’t think he knew him.

    I hate it when I can’t sleep. Last night I was up from 1am to after 4am. I ended up surfing the net. Thankfully, today is not a workday.

    I’m looking forward to seeing you next weekend!

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