My friend Kimber and the Yarn Harlot!

I have a most excellent friend who I shall call Kimmy.  I say that I shall call her Kimmy because, well, she doesn’t like being called Kimmy.  She would much prefer Kimber.  I call her Kimmy because she was far too polite to tell me that she HATED being called Kimmy until after I formed a total habit of it.  So, please, when you meet her, call her Kim or Kimber but NEVER Kimmy.  Anyway, so she is a Yarn Harlot Stalker.  Today, we had tickets to see the Harlot and what does Kim show up with??  Signage…  Dude, we didn’t make signs for George Strait, if that gives you some perspective.  So, why is Kim a most excellent friend????  DUDE!  She let me hold a sign!

Serious Harlot Fans!

Serious Harlot Fans!


We had a GREAT TIME listening to the Harlot.  In fact, I had to put down my adult beverage so I could pay better attention.  Don’t ask how those two things relate, just believe that they do.  Here’s a picture of our Harlot cheering section before the talk began.

Yes, those are my real boobs!  No, I don't know where they came from!

Yes, those are my real boobs!

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  1. Hey, I know those people! I like those people!

    And wow, hi there boobies. Nice to meet you.

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