Sable – 2 Weeks In

So, here we are two weeks into Sable’s recovery here at the Florida spa.  Sable asked me today if the monsoon season here ever ended.  I told her yes, right about the time that hurricane season really kicks into gear  🙂

So, before I reveal the latest Sable photos, I want to talk about fundraising.  I want to thank everyone from Dreamhorse and Let It All Hang Out for getting the fundraiser ball rolling.  I want to most especially thank Kathy, Renae and Ladonna (my new friends!)  These ladies have been dedicated to Sable through their own life issues and I REALLY appreciate it!  Thanks to Jessica and Christine for getting the rescue ball rolling!  Thank you to Margo– for your support both financial and emotional!  Now, I have to thank the non horse and non forum people who saw Sable’s photos and flat out insisted on helping…  All my “yarn and fiber friends”, you guys ROCK!!!  I know we have raised a good amount of money at Knitwitz, but I haven’t managed to get over there to check and see how much.  This past weekend, the Jax Ravelers had a meet up and we raised…..**drum roll please** ONE HUNDRED AND TWENTY DOLLARS in one day.  We held a raffle (thank you, Chris/Sugarbee Studios, Ruthee, and Susan from A Stitch In Time) and the winner received a lovely basket.  Now if I knew the winners name, that would make this post complete, BUT here is a photo of our lovely winner and her prize basket.


Now, for the photos I know you are all here for  🙂  These photos of Miss Sable were taken today in her stall (still monsooning).  In my opinion, the lighting is making her look like she has gained more weight than she has, but she has definitely put on some pounds.  In “real life”, you can still see a lot of hollow up over her hindquarters and a lot of empty area between her spine and the top of her ribs.  So, without further ado…..



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